ND82SOFT Alarm Manager


    With ND82SOFT Alarm Manager you can set an alarm for anything and choose

MP3, WMA or WAV for the Alarm.

    With the Alarm Manager you can see a list of the alarms you've set. Choose the background and text color you want. You can make the counter Transparent,

run in the background or make the application run on top off all forms.


    Furthermore, the application will also remember the existing alarm times

the next time you run it.









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      Have you ever forgotten to turn your computer off at night? You can waste money leaving your computers on overnight not to mention slow down your computer or even make your computer’s lifespan a lot less from being on all the time.


     With a few clicks in ND82SOFT PCSTOPPAGE you can set your computer to turn off at anytime you choose. You will also be able to Restart, Log off, Lock your computer and also put your computer in Standby Mode.


     You can also use ND82SOFT PCSTOPPAGE to run any application at the time you want. This will launch the default application that you’ve already set. You can use this feature like an alarm. Just set your favorite music to run at a certain time.



    ·         Schedule Shutdown

    ·         Schedule Restarts

    ·         Schedule When Computer Locks

    ·         Schedule When Computer Log Off

    ·         Schedule When Computer is in Standby Mode

    ·         Schedule When Applications/Files Run

    ·         Very easy to use

    ·         Save Money on your Utilities bills


System Requirements

    ·         Work with Windows 7, Vista and XP

    ·         .Net Framework 4.0

You can download the .Net Framework @ Microsoft Download Center